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Human Factors in Oil and Gas

Systemic risks can be avoided by integrating technical and non-technical aspects in offhore operations. We are thankful to NAS for funding this work.

Technical Advisory Board

Professionals from operators and service companies and independents

Industry participation and support is critical to the success of this project. In order to make industry participation more effective and beneficial, a Technical Advisory Board (TAB) is established to advise the project management team to move the project in the most useful direction and provide technical support to perform successfully the proposed work. The Board have members from three sectors of: Offshore operator companies, Offshore service companies, Offshore drilling contractors. The primary role of the board is to help the project team with developing and verification of various realistic Loss of Well Control (LWC) scenarios. Having people with experience and background from various Oil/Gas companies, we aim to further strengthen the implementation of the outcomes from this project.