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Human Factors in Oil and Gas

Systemic risks can be avoided by integrating technical and non-technical aspects in offhore operations. We are thankful to NAS for funding this work.

Eye Tracking

The primary objective of eye-tracking analysis is to evaluate whether it can be used to evaluate participants' situation awareness in the course of abnormality encountered during operations. It is based on the data collected by eye fixation count and duration, scanning path, and audio recordings.The data collection is based on change in eye movement behavior (fixation count, fixation duration, and scanning pattern) when abnormality is detected in the control panel, and when the participant is reacting to the situation.

Current Research

Current Research

About us

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The main aim of the research group is to improve the understanding of the complex ecosystem of Petroleum industry by the means of simple logic. The key areas which we focus on are Well Construction, Integrity and Well Control; Drilling Geomechanics, Drilling Optimization and Advanced Drilling Systems; Plugging, Abandonment and Decommissioning; and Deepwater Drilling and Technologies. We develop analyze and investigate the underlying physics behind Well Integrity. We explore the wellbore strengthening factors, look for enhancing the cement technology. We thrive for understanding the human factors in Petroleum industry by analyzing the cognitive behviors of industry personnels. Every research starts with a hypotheses and our pursuit is to conduct every possible investigation within the domain of available resources. The research team rely on numerical modeling, analytical modeling, statistical analysis, experimental work, and data analysis. In brief, we dive into every possible nuances of Science.

Tasks Undertaken

    Develop diverse scenarios based on loss of well control (LWC) incidents

    Assess robustness of developed scenarios using industry technical advisory board (ITAB)

    Evaluate, verify, and simulate developed scenarios using the offshore virtual realty drilling simulator available at OU

    Evaluate required non-technical skills for oil and gas operations

    Develop procedures and protocols to enhance expert containment, risk communication, and decision making